License Suspension

Driving Privileges


Most of our clients are able to avoid jail time. 

License suspension are dependant on your unique circumstances

Driving privleges are denied in extreme circumstances, 

IWe will do our best to keep your fines minimal

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has become one of the most common criminal charges in the U.S. Consuming even one alcoholic beverage can be enough put you over the legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit of %0.08. A DUI coviction can have a lasting negative impact on your day to day life.



The circumstances of every DUI arrest are unique and is important for you to know your rights under the law. The police have an obligation to follow very specific procedures when making a DUI arrest. Details about their cause to stop your vehicle, administering roadside sobriety tests, and other steps when making a DUI arrest have a great impact on the outcome of your case.


What is a Litigator? 

A litigator is an attorney who specialized ins criminal or civil litigation. and represents plaintiff or defendants in hearings , arbitrations and mediations as well as jury and non jury trials. 


What makes a great litigator?



Can I get temporary driving privleges?



How much are the fines?


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